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I'm that old dude that came out to see your band's show on Tuesday night, and after accidentally dedicating my life to making records (some as a performer and more as a band lover/engineer/producer) I've grown to understand that whether it's doom metal, acoustic children's songs, glam rock or chamber music… If you're proud in and believe in your work, it's my responsibility to put that work on my back and care for it as my own… while promising not to make fun of your ponytail or misspelled tattoos.

Cumulatively, I've been involved in hundreds of recording projects – as an engineer, producer, mastering engineer or performer – and I have learned a thing or two from each of those projects. Experience includes:
    • recording/producing music (and dialog) in many genres, in many different studios/scenarios.
    • noted clients include Sister Crayon, Chelsea Wolfe, Sprint Mobile and Yelp.
    • teaching recording concepts and fundamentals as a professor/instructor at the college level.
    • certified Pro Tools Instructor (one of less than 30 in California), but also work in analog.
    • Production Manager, Assistant Gear Reviews Editor and Senior Contributor (writer) at Tape Op Magazine.

In the past I've toured hard and extensively – mostly in a van playing small venues – while recording (as an artist) in commercial and home studios. Like many artists, initially the commercial studio seemed less attractive and counter-creative than the comforts and freedoms of a home or project studio. Though most of my early recordings were done in home/bedroom studios, my first commercial studio experience as an engineer was at John Baccigaluppi's legendary, but now closed, Hangar Studios in my then hometown of Sacramento, CA. In addition to being the publisher of Tape Op Magazine, John is also a great friend and mentor. Checkout his new studios - Panoramic House (Marin County) and The Dock (Sacramento).

Recently relocated, I am now freelancing in the Bay Area and am a resident house engineer at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, actively on the lookout for passionate recording projects to immerse myself in!


Condensed Discography

  • Agent Ribbons – Chateau Crone (Antennae Farm): engineering | mixing | production | musician

  • All On Seven – Just a Rose: engineering

  • California Repercussions (60 piece brass orchestra) – Road Scholars: engineer | mastering

  • the Cassidys – Self-Titled: engineer

  • Chelsea Wolfe – Soundtrack VHS/Gold: engineer | production

  • Christian Kiefer & Sharron Kraus – the Black Dove (Thompkins Square): mastering

  • Christian Kiefer – Dogs & Donkeys (Thompkins Square): engineering

  • Drew Grow & the Pastors' Wives – One (Amigo Amiga): engineering

  • Drifting Shapes – Of Clouds: engineer | production

  • E Squared – The Cover Up: engineer | production

  • Estereo – My Favorite Name: engineer | mastering

  • Exquisite Corps – Self-Tited: engineering | production

  • the Jacks – Self-Titled: engineering

  • Jay Shaner – Best Laid Plans: engineering | production | musician

  • Jeff Alkire – One Summer in Winters: engineering

  • Jeff Alkire & Tim Metz – Some Byrds Like to Fly: engineering

  • Jem & Scout – See Right Through Me | Noise. Single: engineer | production

  • Kyoto Beat Orchestra – Architecture of a Heartbeat: engineer | production

  • Lawrence Hall of Science – Voice Over: engineer | editor

  • Little Heart – Complicated or Not: mastering

  • Matt Hopper & the Roman Candles – Reverse Odyssey: engineering

  • Mattson 2 – Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2 (Galaxia): engineering

  • Mission Sattellite – Self-Titled: engineering

  • Mondo Deco – 15 Seconds: engineer | production | mastering

  • Mondo Deco – Silent Partner: engineer | production

  • Mister Cooper – I Like Your Hat: engineer | mastering

  • Mister Cooper – For the Birds: engineer | production

  • Prairie Dog – To Set Your Calendars on Fire: engineer | production

  • Pandora Radio – 10th Anniversary Documentary: engineer

  • Radio Blue: engineer

  • Red Host – Self–Titled (w/ Chelsea Wolfe): engineer

  • Richie Lawrence – Water: engineer

  • Sacramento Youth Symphony – Big Band (2006): engineer

  • the Schuman Residence – Self-Titled: engineering

  • Sea of Bees – Songs for the Ravens (Team Love): assistant engineer

  • Sister Crayon – All Together Now: engineer | production | mastering

  • Sister Crayon – Bellow (Manimal Vinyl): engineer | production

  • Sister Crayon – the Bewlay Brothers (Manimal Vinyl): engineering

  • The Souterrain – What Ails You: engineer

  • Spider Silk Dress – Self-Titled: engineering

  • Sprint Mobile – Advertisement: songwriter | engineer | production

  • Yelp – Voice Over: engineer | editor

  • Xiomara: engineer

Agent Ribbons – Chateau Crone

Agent Ribbons – Chateau Crone

Sister Crayon – Bellow

Sister Crayon – Bellow

Mister Cooper – I Like Your Hat

Mister Cooper – I Like Your Hat

Richie Lawrence – Water

Richie Lawrence – Water

Exquisite Corps

Exquisite Corps


  • Audio Engineer, Sharkbite Studios, Oakland: since 6/14
  • Audio Engineer/Producer, Single Fin Studio Group, Marin Co. & Sacramento: since 6/13
  • Audio Engineer/Producer, Freelance: since 2002
  • Audio Engineer/Producer, Hangar Studios, Sacramento: 2005-2013
  • Senior Contributor (Writer) & Assistant Gear Reviews Editor, Tape Op Magazine: since 2008
  • Production Manager, Tape Op Magazine: since 2010
  • Adjunct Audio Professor, Los Rios C.C. District: 2008-2014
  • Audio Instructor, Pinnacle College: 2010-2013
  • Performer/Songwriter, Solo: 2003-2009
  • Performer/Songwriter, the Mac Swanky Trio: 1994-1999


  • Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Production
  • Preproduction
  • Editing
  • Noise Reduction / Restoration
  • Mastering (Digital)
  • Voice-over / Dialog
  • Home Studio Setup/Design/Consultation
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