Hello! Just like you, I Make Records...

After accidentally dedicating my life to making records (some as a performer, but more as a band lover/engineer/producer), I’m figuring out that there’s not just one way to make a record (though I certainly have my opinions). Every project has a different process, with characters that play different roles.

Cumulatively, I've been involved in hundreds (nearing a thousand) of recording projects as a recording engineer, producer, mastering engineer, performer, editor, or just plain consultant… and I’ve certainly learned a thing or two from each of those projects. Experience includes:
• recording/mixing/producing music (and some dialog) in many genres, in many different studios/scenarios.
• most recent clients include releases by Bay Area artists the Harrington Saints and the Bitter Diamonds.
    • Gear Reviews Editor, Production Manager, and Senior Contributor (writer) @ Tape Op Magazine.
    • teaching recording concepts and fundamentals as a professor/instructor at the college level.
    • certified Pro Tools Instructor, but also work in analog.

In the past I've toured hard and extensively – mostly in a van playing small venues – while recording (as an artist) in commercial and home studios. Perhaps like many, initially the commercial studio seemed less attractive and counter-creative than the comforts and freedoms of a home or project studio. Though many early recordings were done in home/bedroom studios, my first commercial studio experience as an engineer was at John Baccigaluppi's legendary (but now closed), Hangar Studios in my then hometown of Sacramento, CA. In addition to being the publisher of Tape Op Magazine, John is also a great friend and mentor. Checkout his studio - the Panoramic House (Marin County).

Since relocating to the Bay Area, I am now freelancing, mixing remotely, and am a resident house engineer at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland. I’m actively on the lookout for passionate recording projects to immerse myself in, whatever that role might entail.